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After so many lugubrious turns, breaking bad came to an end on sunday on an almost uplifting note. Saul goodman is back in better call saul season 5 trailer. Talking bad chris hardwick congratulates anna gunn and the entire cast on breaking bad s for their emmy wins. All 8 songs featured in breaking bad season 5 episode 16. As jimmy becomes a friend of the cartel, his professional life as saul goodman is poised to take off. Breaking bad came to its conclusion tonight with felina. With season 5, few can argue that breaking bad is exiting at a creative peak, thanks to the triple nervefrying episodes rabid dog, tohajiilee, and ozymandias. Breaking bad season 5, episode and cast information amc. It is the sixteenth episode of season five and the 62nd overall. Season 5, episode 16 felina the cast of breaking bad discuss the emmys. Breaking bad season 5 marks the end of amcs critically acclaimed drama, and as we draw closer to the debut of the final eight episodes, star bryan cranston took to reddit to host an ama and answer fans burning questions about the end of the series.

In the final season of breaking bad, walters drug dealing identity was discovered by his dea brotherinlaw hank dean norris, which eventually led to hanks death at the hands of todd jesse. A highschool chemistry teacher learns hes dying, so he takes up a new career as a meth producer in hopes of. Heres the only breaking bad seasons 15 recap video you. The final pieces that the puzzle that breaking bad has been assembling in season 5 were slotted into place, but the kind of brainmelting impact of the shows best episodes wasnt present in this hour. Breaking bad season 5 granite state penultimate episode. Aaron paul answers 5 burning questions about breaking bad movie. Season 5 is the best in the series where everything that happens before hand leads up to the ultimate climax we have been waiting for. The series comes to a close in a deliciously satisfying manner. Although gilligan has toyed with the idea of revisiting jesse pinkmans story in the future with aaron paul once again playing walts foulmouthed sidekick, mr. Felina is the series finale of the american drama television series breaking bad. Spoilers ahead for the series finale of breaking bad. The bad people lydia, todd and the nazis were punished. Breaking bad season 5 episode 16 felina s5e16 hdtv. Breaking bad season 5 final episodes teaser walt youtube.

Please note the last 16 episodes of the series are split between this season 5 and what is now sold as breaking bad the final season. What is the meaning behind felina, the title of the. Slippin jimmys breaking bad as the show heads towards the sixth and final season, the last thing that stands between jimmy mcgill and saul goodman is kim wexler. It has been almost perfectly executedprecise in plot and vivid in character, with taut dialogue, mordant wit, and. We actually didnt see saul in the breaking bad series finale, felina the characters last appearance came in the penultimate episode, granite state, when he and walt were both holed up in. The cast and crew of breaking bad bid a fond farewell to the landmark show and its fans. The official site for amcs criticallyacclaimed series breaking bad. This season delivers the most memorable moments, performances, writing, action, and everything else in between. Breaking bad season 2 english subtitle all episodes. Who is walter white afraid of in this short teaser from the final episodes of breaking bad. Breaking bads final season cements its status as one of televisions great series, propelling its narrative to an.

Walt goes to see his family, still under guard, while dealing with the aftermath of the explosion at casa tranquila. Breaking bad won a total of 16 emmy awards, including four best actor emmys for star bryan cranston. Breaking bad season three features both of the perennially downontheirluck meth cooks more or less out of the business. In this episode and last weeks, we were really watching a ghost. If there was a happier final hour for breaking bad, it would only involve. Holly played by macdonald in season 5 was still just a baby when breaking bad came to an end, but thanks to her dads choice of profession, she.

Breaking bad season 5 episode 16 felina video dailymotion. The final scene of final episode of breaking bad series. Over the course of its broadcast, breaking bad aired 62 episodes over five seasons. The final shots of the amc hit featured the 70s song from the british rock band. Visit tunefind for music from your favorite tv shows and movies. Heres why vince gilligan ended breaking bad after 5 seasons. Hanks epiphany in the last scene of the breaking bad mid season 5 finale spawns a flashback from season 3 i think where he and walt talk about a book that gale owned. Following the intense, pulsepounding thrills of the last two episodes, when better call saul was operating closer to a peak breaking bad wavelength than. A dastardly ploy for sure, but the series is good enough that i bought it anyway. Its at this point that you want to stop reading if you havent seen the final episode because were about to get into some major spoilers. It may not yet have hit the cult status that breaking bad achieved, but with its fourth season airing later this year, saul is playing catchup to its sister shows five seasons. In the final season, being bad is no longer an act as walts downward spiral leads him to the top of a drug empire, risking everything and everyone. The fifth and final season of the american television drama series breaking bad premiered on july 15, 2012, and concluded on september 29, 20 on amc in. All good things or in this case, bad things, as the promos for part 2 of season 5 said must come to an end.

Please help me recollect the purpose of this book and how the inscription or whatever wording was on the dedication. Breaking bad season 3 english subtitle all episodes. So this particular season of the show only includes eight episodes, the last eight of which are included in the next and final season. The final shot of breaking bad s mid season finale gliding over all has already inspired arguments among fans. Was it dramatically right and hilarious, or way too easy. Breaking bad season 1 english subtitle all episodes. Without jesse, and with so much attention paid to structural detail, felina ended up coming off as a bit mechanical and remote. Breaking bads final scene walter whites death youtube. Now that gus is dead, walt, jesse, and mike work to cover their tracks. The series finale of breaking bad is september 29, and as danger has already written, thats going to be one murderous night of television for your dvrs.

But if you need a helping hand to understand that final episode. Jesses in rehab and blaming himself for janes death, while skylers. But perhaps the best thing about it was the series actually ended. As with other shows such as the walking dead, season 5 of breaking bad is actually one half of an entire season comprised of 16 episodes in total. Breaking bad tv series 200820 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Breaking bad season 5 granite state penultimate episode final scene hd. Walt and jesse seek out an unlikely partner for a new business venture. Breaking bad alternate ending finale felina final scene xovadin. Breaking bad is the most brutal show ive ever watched from start to finish. So yes, you are paying more per episode than you would have for season 1 for instance.

Breaking bad season 5 english subtitle all episodes. The final eight episodes of breaking bad premiere august 11th on amc. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, a high school teacher tries to secure his familys financial future by producing and distributing crystal meth. Download english subtitles for breaking bad all seasons. The last scene of the breaking bad midseason 5 finale. Breaking bad season 4 english subtitle all episodes. Walt comes to mike with a proposal to join his new business venture, while hank and the dea begin to close in on those who were working with gus fring in breaking bad episode 2.

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